Saturday, June 1, 2013

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  1. Many of my students need to do research on the computer and you mentioned your students did research for their projects. Would you please share the name(s) of a good, reliable, free resources for 4th - 8th grade students? I have been using websites like,,, etc. because they are free.

  2. I enjoyed looking at the project ideas on your page. I love how they are step by step to guide the student through the project. I teach 2nd grade so most of my students would not be able to do this independently, but I would love to make something like this to challenge my gifted students. Thank you for sharing today!

    1. Katie,
      I always like to think that you can adapt most ideas to fit your curriculum and your students' age group. Even if the specific project doesn't fit your needs, perhaps you can see how your kiddos could make a group movie to showcase their learning. Good luck!

  3. I appreciated hearing today that I was not alone in having to start with the basics. We assume that students have gained specific skills or have similar traits as us as learners. They do not at all! We have to teach them to be curious about the world around them and detect when they see crap. I have been attending the Common Core workshops this year in Independence and the major focus was how students' brains work differently now (literally) and how the new testing pieces will require them to think deeply, not just answer a multiple choice question correctly. Students in Math will have to explain how someone answered a question incorrectly - explaining where the error occurred in the problem solving. Going to project-based learning not only will help us with keeping up with the common core, but also it will help us tap into the "new" brains of our students. After all, we are in this job for them, right?

  4. Thanks for posting your website. It is so well organized and there are many useful sites (without having to weed through all the garbage). I have my beginning Spanish students create comic strips to practice their greetings and vocabulary. I think they would enjoy using the Witty Comics app as a change from paper and pencil, and let's face it, they love any excuse to use the laptops! Using this app would also make the activity much faster as they wouldn't have to spend time drawing and coloring, but place the time and emphasis on the real point: practicing vocab. These could also be used as conversation starters for more advanced students, where they could each choose a role and then act out the remainder of a conversation. Thanks for sharing!

  5. Common core is all about project based learning so this session was very helpful for me. It more deeply explained to me what a good project-based activity looks like. I liked how the different projects were set up to show me what the students saw. I am thinking of different research units that my students will be participating in this year, and how I can use this type of system to make it more meaningful and truly a project-based learning activity.

  6. I loved looking at all the projects you have listed. I will certainly be able use many of the ideas in my classroom. Thank you for listing them out in an easy to follow way and allowing us to use them.