Saturday, June 1, 2013

It was good to hear the no "fluff" aspect of Project Base Learning. "It's messy!" the presenter exclaimed up front. It's good to hear that trial and error are still a part of the educator process (especially with technology, right?) in this process. Asking the questions if this is appropriate and fits into the lesson or am I just putting the techno factor in for the sake of marking that off my benchmarks evokes a deeper level of thinking and reflecting on the educators planning. The presenter reaffirmed what needs to be w stilled in students that the journey is the process as well, not just the outcome. The objectives and benchmarks are made during this "trial" period. 


  1. I agree. Project based learning is definitely "messy". Since the students are leading the learning more than the teachers, you cannot predict where the lesson will go. I know for myself, it is hard to give up control. This is something I want to work on. Project based learning is a much better way for children to learn versus memorizing and regurgitating information. By having the experience, the learning journey, the learning will stick. I am an education student, so I don't have students to talk about, but I do have children. My children always come home and tell me all about what they have learned when it is a project they have been working on. I don't hear about any of the other lessons. Clearly, the project based learning is what works for my kids.

  2. Yes, I too have never seen a kid all excited to rush home to regurg the info back onto a worksheet