Saturday, June 1, 2013

Project Based Learning

I love giving students the opportunity to be creative in their presentation or learning, and I want to incorporate more technology.  However, one thing I discovered when attempting this with my students this year was a gap between what they can do online  their basic computer skills.  For example, my kids could easily create a Prezi, embed YouTube videos and create sound files.  However, what they couldn't do was right click to save a picture to a file from the Internet, rename files in their personal drives and use keyboard shortcuts to navigate between windows, etc.  The process took so much longer than I had anticipated because I had assumed my 7th graders would have already mastered these skills.  When I do this again, we'll have to take some time to teach these skills at the beginning before I actually turn them loose to create.


  1. I love the idea of having my 3rd graders use technology for assignments and assessment. I am still struggling with the logistics of how to manage it. We have 1 computer lab for the school and the laptops are pretty intimidating. And as you mentioned, they are very lacking in typing skills and how to navigate around the web. I will try hard to add technology into our class time and work on it from there.

  2. My biggest problem with research projects if finding reliable websites for the students to use. I tell all of them that Google is not a resource, only a search engine. I would love to find a list of reliable websites for my students to use. If you happen to have a list of websites would you please share them? Thanks.

  3. I agree with you, Peggy. Students have no idea how to decide whether or not something from the Internet is reliable. I struggle to teach it because it seems so innate to me (most likely because I was taught well...). This year, I was looking for a reliable article on the French Algerian War to use with my 8th grade French classes. I found a great one from the Princeton History Dept website, but when I clicked the link to go to the original source, it took me straight to Wikipedia. I thought to myself, if Princeton can't even get it right, how can I expect my middle school students to?