Saturday, June 1, 2013





Please use this blog to share your learning about how you can use Problem Based Learning to meet Common Core Standards.


  1. Have been doing PBLs with my third graders for a couple of years. My principal is big on group work, collaboration. This is where it falls apart for many of my students-horsing around during group work. Liked hearing the PBLs were all individual-the examples given.

  2. I think that as a art teacher that common core will fit easily in my class. My problems with group projects, in the past have been not all students stay busy as some get their work finished first. I have in past put out extra material for another project to keep the kids busy, but it so much more work for me, and the students get bored with the first project and rush their work.....I know tell them to go back and fix and redo.....just saying...I guess the main thing is to give the students clear expectations up front.